Exhibition "habitats of the Sund Meadow" (Exhibition "Lebensräume")

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If one decides to take a bike ride or a hike through the Sundi Meadow, you will inevitably come up on a plain, white-painted building. From the outside, it looks like a typical building from the GDR era, which was before the fall of the Berlin Wall, and was used by the military as a guardhouse. It stood at the entrance to a large shooting range. Inside however, it was extensively remodeled in 2004. The rooms are now bright and friendly.

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In this building, there is an exhibition about the past and present of the Sund Meadow. The big question one could ask is if it is possible to present the area’s history which was renowned for its military activities, and with the present, which is focused on conservation - in such a small space and still be understandable? The answer is: It is possible. The arrangement of the exhibits is well thought-out. And certainly, the visitor will see later, during his stay in this part of the national park, these habitats through “special” eyes.

Or why not let "Akka" and "Nile", the most popular birds of the National Park, simply attract you to the Information Center. Although being only two replicas of a gray goose or a crane, it seems as though they cheerfully fly- by visitors and welcome them. Here, we learn that Nils really existed. A poster even documents curiosities about him.
Exhibition Sund Meadow The crane-rest itself plays an important role in this exhibition. This has to do with the fact that we are here at the entrance to Protection Zone I of the National Park. What is actually Protection Zone I? How do the sand erosion and jetties, the largest of the Baltic, protect the dunes? And what influence does the coastal dynamics have on the birds? To this and many other questions, comprehensive answers are provided by the reader boards, as well as by the dedicated staff of the National Park Office.

It's not just the imposing cranes that deserve attention. Many interesting facts, for example, to also learn about the gray goose or whooper swans. Just use the computer to gather facts on topics such as migration or breeding sites in the lagoon area. Or simply press the keyword "National Boddenlandscape" and this will provide you with an overview of the reserve "Ostzingst".

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Make sure not to go past the 3D viewer. Impressively, we see different landscapes of the Sund Meadow. Everything appears so vividly before our eyes, that one feels like they could touch the pictured trees or dunes. Touching, experimenting, and playing with the exhibits is encouraged. And not only for the younger visitors. That goes also for the photo table. Only those who lined up the photos and move them accordingly can recognize its meaning. We discover how the landscape has changed in this region throughout the year. What a great idea!
And finally, you should test your sense of touch in a feel-box. Visitors have to guess what the natural materials are without being able to see them, as they are at the beach or in the forest. You’ve got to try it!

It is not only this exhibit that shows how much attention to detail and precision went into the production of the instructional materials. Nothing dominates in these small rooms. Every technical object gets "heat" through its wood paneling. They were made with love by the two carpenters in the National Park Office in Born.

Under no circumstances should you miss out on the wealth of information about the habitat "Sund Meadow".
Anyone who has some knowledge is much more vigilant when looking at nature, and the holiday memories will be even more remembered. And - admission is free!

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