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Wieck a. Darß
Darss Marathon - a hot tip for running enthusiasts

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Darss-Marathon Darss-Marathon Darss-Marathon Attendance: 1000
Length: 42,195 km
Time: Spring

Starting point: Wieck a. Darß
Endpoint: Wieck a. Darß

One could describe the Darss marathon with some basic facts as written above. But they will surely not explain the special interests that the runners from all of the German Federal states, or even neighboring countries, will enjoy during this sporting event.

What really makes the participants feel so positive? Above all, the unique and varying landscape that the runners run through.  They pass through very idyllic areas at the Born and Wieck lagoon sides and through, the quiet trails of the National Western Pommerania Boddenlandscape Park. Not less fascinating is the view at the steep coastline near Ahrenshoop. And there is this simply overwhelming feeling of the "forest silence", when the marathon enthusiasts head for Prerow and immerse into the shadowy Darss forest enroute.

Map Wieck-Prerow-Ahrenshoop-Born

All places along the course are decked out for this event and the residents friendly welcome the marathon runners. Enthusiasm means motivation everywhere.
The Darss marathon is prepared under the auspices of the Darss Ark Wieck staff. Their  aim  is to make the runners aware of the uniqueness of the peninsula’s landscape. That includes making each and every one of them aware of the need to be environmentally aware. To protect the landscape, the organizers limit the number of participants. If responding to real demand, attendance could be twice as high. Those playing with the idea of ​​participation, should apply in time.
And if there is anyone who doesn’t fully trust themselves to run the full marathon, they will be encouraged to run half the distance -  the "Wieck Prerow Born Wieck" half marathon. It doesn’t actually need to be run, because the distance can also be worked  as a Nordic Walking Marathon.
In addition,  the organizers also try to get children interested in the event. The day before the actual start of the race, the  9 to 14-year-olds do a lagoon course  with a length of 1500 meters - and the 4 to 8-year-olds start the  so-called  Bambini-run, a trail leading around the Ark with a length of 750 meters.
At the end of the marathon, there is an "organic" award ceremony - complete with winner’s pedestals made out of straw bales!

Veranstalter: Darßer Kurbetriebe, Prerow: 038 233 - 610 0

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