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How is a sand dune formed? What is actually a bog? And why does the coastline break away in some places? Are there any of these or similar questions that you may have not found an answer to yet? If so, you should visit the Darss Ark in Wieck situated in the National Park "Western Pomerania Lagoon Area".

The Darss Ark is an information center where one can get answers to questions on all natural and geological processes in the National Park. The Darss Ark is known for more than its extensive collection of material. Without a doubt, it is more this combination of identifying the natural forces and simultaneously experiencing their effects in nature that makes a visit there unique. What could be more interesting than to be informed about different habitats in the National Park and to watch and name animals when you are roaming the countryside? Or is there anything easier to memorize than the simulated noise in the surf tunnel and is there anything more stimulating than studying a glass insect tree?

Wiecker Arche Darss Ark Wieck Darss Ark Wieck Darss Ark Wieck

The staff of Darss Ark has set themselves the goal to communicate the formation of the landscape here in the north of Germany. Visitors, mostly children, will be encouraged to explore what there is behind the numerous drawers, flaps, peepholes or the mysterious holes in a board where you blindly feel for the objects behind. They should learn to understand the nature in its constant state of change. To interact, to explore means in this case to experiment with natural materials (stone age pinball), to listen to sound installations, to watch developing processes (sand mushroom) and arouse curiosity (flint stone field or walk-map). See the whole National Park from a bird’s perspective. That is what the Multivision tour invites you to do.

Darss Ark Wieck Darss Ark WieckThe reflective room exudes calm. In some seclusion, visitors can get acquainted with the work of artists from the region. Genuine treasures of knowledge are kept here. They are arranged in a clear format.

In total, the exhibition space of the information center covers 500 m2. The old village school in Wieck (a brick building) is one of the exhibition rooms as well as the new house building made of wood, steel and glass. It has been integrated into the core complex of the Ark. It looks like a docked ship. The Darss Ark in Wieck is seen as a model for modern, innovative and sustainable building. The new building serves as an exhibition area and a conference room. In addition to the institution house, there is a municipal library and guest information. On the so-called artist´s deck of the Darss Ark, there is a gallery with a creativity workshop. Here, local artists exhibit their work. It is certainly not an exaggeration to say that the Darss Ark in Wieck is an ideal central point to get familiar with the area and to go on field trips.
Anyone interested in the events in the Information Centre should take a look at the events calendar.

Contact the Darss Ark Wieck
Darßer Arche
Bliesenrader Weg 2
18375 Wieck a. Darß

Opening times
April to October 10:00 - 18:00 daily
November to March 10:00 - 16:00 Friday to Monday
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