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Darssforest National Park Vorpommersche-Boddenlandschaft
Nationalparkamt Vorpommern

Im Forst 5
18375 Born
Phone: +49 (038 234) 502-0
  • position: includes Darss-Zingst peninsula, the Hiddensee island and the west coast of Ruegen island
  • area: 805 square kilometres
  • altitude: - 10 to 72,5 m highest point: the Dornbusch on Hiddensee island
  • established: 1990
  • landscape types: steep and flat coasts, beaches, mudflats, dunes, moorland, dry grassland, reed beds, salt marshes, pine and beech wood, alder swamps
Exhibition rooms Exhibition "habitats of the Sund Meadow"
East of the Baltic sea resort Zingst
  • exhibition: Ausstellung Lebensräume Sundische Wiese
  • exhibition "habitats" - representation of diverse symbioses on the Ostzingst (easternmost part of the peninsula)
  • info on crane gathering
  • information material, videos available starting point for hiking and biking
Sund Meadow Sund Meadow Zingst
(Sundische Wiese Zingst)
East of the Baltic Sea resort Zingst
  • Representation of:
    military exploitation of the Sund marsh in the past
    conservation of the marsh today crane  gathering in a highly protected area
Exhibition building Exhibition buildings Darsser Arche
National Park and visitor´s center
Bliesenrader Weg 2
18375 Wieck a. Darss
Phone: +49 (038 233) 703 80
  • model example of modern, innovative, ecological and suitable building
  • exhibition informs about National Park Vorpommersche Boddenlandschaft
  • provides environmental education and nature experiencing programs
  • rooms equipped with various media to learn with and from
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